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Simmessa is a web designer, musician, espresso lover and photo geek who’s trying hard to
make a living out of the Net

About me

Welcome to my home on the web! I'm currently employed as a web designer, when I'm not working I'm either sipping coffee, playing or building SAGA guitars, writing new music or ranting about random things. Do you want to build a website that's gonna work for your company? you've come to the right place, check out my portfolio and find out how I could help you reach your audience.
You probably already noticed I'm an avid twitter user and working hard to promote my first record: "The Way of Opening" which I released back in 2008.
I also enjoy taking photos of the world, traveling to distant places (which is the official excuse for tasting their food), and spending my life besides the most beautiful girl on earth. I strongly encourage you to take a couple of minutes to drop me a line on the guestbook or request me a price quote for your web projects.
I wish You all the Best!

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